Batting cage baseball location

 ➤ 5  retractable, turf hitting and pitching lanes with pitching mounds and Major League style L screens and hitting tees

➤ 4 lanes are Major League distance

➤ Heavy Duty Gym flooring for fitness equipment

➤ HitTrax machine – Revolutionary technology that measures key performance metrics and generates in-depth information:  exit velocity, launch angle, distance of hit, point of impact, spray charts.

baseball team
Batting cage baseball location

 3  Iron Mike commercial pitching machines, raised for realistic downward angle of ball flight, and distance set from hitter to resemble more realistic major league distance. “This is the favorite machine of professional baseball and softball players and coaches worldwide.”


➤ 1 Hack Attack machine by @ondecksports and @sports.attack – “Three-wheel design of the Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine allows the hitter to see the ball clearly all the way through the feed motion, acceleration and release, just like a live pitcher. Throws pitches 60 feet @ 100+ MPH”

➤ 1 Jugs Softball pitching machine with changeup remote pitching up to 70MPH

➤ Commercial Fitness equipment: Professional power racks with multifunctional  uses: squat, bench, lat pull-down, chin up, standing T-Bar Row;  Olympic Hex weight bar, curl bars, free weights, bells; elliptical machine, stationary bike, seated row machine

➤ Spacious and lighted parking lot, outside covered bicycle rack

 EZ Facility software for booking and scheduling

baseball team

Mason started the Wrecking Yard with the dream of creating a space for young athletes to develop their love of baseball/softball while building the athletic skills necessary to succeed. Mason grew up playing baseball in the South Bay and has had the dream to give back to the community by raising the level of competition in the South Bay Cities through high-quality baseball and softball instruction and coaching. The Wrecking Yard is home to the Wrecking Crew travel baseball and softball teams, and has opened its doors to other South Bay teams for higher level training, which can be directed by Wrecking Yard coaches. Our goal is to provide a safe, welcoming, training facility that fosters an environment of inclusion, competition, and growth. Since we offer multiple cages at our facility, we would love to include outside organizations to share in the wealth of this new haven for our youth ball players. Players are also welcome to drop in after the hours of 3pm without a call, however, if they would like a session before 3pm, they will need to call the facility to book an appointment with a coach or to reserve a cage to hit on their own. Please feel free to stop by at our open hours to come check out the newest indoor baseball/softball facility in the South Bay!

Hours of Operation



*Prior to 3pm, must call to schedule an appointment. Calling to schedule cage time is preferred, but may drop in any time after 3pm

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