Will Kiger

Will Kiger

Kiger grew up all over the South living in North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee as a kid. Kiger played travel baseball since the age of 8 and has played alongside and against numerous Division 1 and Major League players, including Mookie Betts and Connor Overton.

Kiger is a true lefty specializing in pitching, 1B, and OF, though his best position was as a pitcher. Kiger describes his game as more of a pitch maker than a flame thrower, getting hitters out with solid command and by changing eye levels and speeds.

Kiger has two AA degrees in Business Administration along with a Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from California State University Long Beach. Kiger currently serves as Wrecking Yard Baseball and Softball’s Chief Operating Officer, he is responsible for growing and overseeing all business operations. He does not currently offer lessons but does often help with clinics, teams, camps, birthday parties, kids classes, and more. Kiger is also the producer and co-host of The Sandlot Radio Show on KABC 790 AM every Sunday at 8:00pm PST, starting 04/30/23 and running for 20 consecutive weeks. The Sandlot Radio Show is presented by Wrecking Yard Baseball & Softball.

If you have any business inquiries for Wrecking Yard Baseball & Softball or The Sandlot Radio Show including but not limited to; sponsorship, advertising, camps, clinics, teams, recruiting, events, birthday parties, kids classes, bookings, etc, please contact Mr. Kiger by sending an email to  or calling the facility at 424-558-3471.

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